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Mac The Fire Truck Video

Mac The Fire Truck video! Happy summer reading days!  I never did get a chance to post this here, so I thought I would…. First, thanks for making the Mac The Fire Truck and The Field Fire (The Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck) giveaway a success!  We rocked it out and got tons of downloads … Continue reading

The Only (or first?) Mac The Fire Truck plush toy!

So I thought I would share this: here is a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, official, Legg Creek Publishing-authorized, Mac The Fire Truck plush toy! It was a Christmas gift for my son in 2011.  It’s hilarious to see him scoot around on Mac’s back…and he’s almost 4!!! 🙂

Fire Truck Books and Literacy for Boys

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here…just got back from a little family getaway on the Texas Coast! I’m a dork, which is why I was thinking about another post on this website!   I started thinking about what children’s fire truck books do to enhance children’s literacy.  For boys in particular, a fire truck … Continue reading

Thank You!

First let me say “Thank You!” to the thousands of people who downloaded the Kindle version of Mac The Fire Truck and The Airplane Fire last week!  Amazon’s terms of service prevent me from revealing exact numbers, but I can say that Mac The Fire Truck and The Airplane Fire was ranked number 232 out … Continue reading

Fire Truck Books For Older Kids

Fire Truck Books For Older Kids (and adults!)   A lot of what I’ve written here has been about children picture books and fire truck books in particular.  I’ve mainly been writing about books for the 2-6 age range, but there are, of course, books for older children.  Older children have a wide variety of … Continue reading