Posted in July 2012

Fire Truck Books For Older Kids

Fire Truck Books For Older Kids (and adults!)   A lot of what I’ve written here has been about children picture books and fire truck books in particular.  I’ve mainly been writing about books for the 2-6 age range, but there are, of course, books for older children.  Older children have a wide variety of … Continue reading

What children learn from fire truck books

What Children Learn From Picture Books Picture books, including fire truck books, are extremely important in the literary development of children.  These books engage young minds with new words, ideas, and pictures that help to expand vocabulary and encourage creativity.  Picture books, with fire trucks or any other characters, are especially important because they help … Continue reading

Where Mac The Fire Truck Came From

I’ve been writing for awhile about fire truck books, so I figured it was time to introduce the reader to the Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck series.   Mac The Fire Truck is a talking fire truck, with eyes behind his windshield and a powerful water cannon on his top.  He lives in an … Continue reading