Fire Truck Books and Literacy for Boys

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here…just got back from a little family getaway on the Texas Coast!

I’m a dork, which is why I was thinking about another post on this website!


I started thinking about what children’s fire truck books do to enhance children’s literacy.  For boys in particular, a fire truck book may be just the thing he needs to develop an interest in reading.  A fire truck book with great writing and a fun story may bring a boy to a love of reading.

As I’ve mentioned before, all children, but especially boys, love fire trucks.  For active little boys who may not always like to sit down and read, an engaging books about a favorite vehicle could provide the seed for a love of reading.

Numerous studies in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, have found that boys do not respond t traditional methods of teaching literacy.  More often than girls, boys were resistant to group lessons teaching literacy based on books they had no interest in.  The same studies found that boys were far more engaged in learning when the books had characters and subject matter that they enjoyed (  It goes without saying that many boys enjoy vehicle books, and many fire truck books offer great illustrations and writing.  These books can be an important facet in teaching literacy to young children, especially boys.

The above-mentioned studies also showed that boys responded to technology-based literacy, such as fire truck or other vehicle ebooks, or web-based curriculum.  The Canadian study noted that boys who were resistant to physical books, found ebooks appealing.
According to Bright Beginnings for Boys: Engaging Young Boys in Active Literacy, there is a gender disparity when it comes to reading because boys tend to develop an interest in reading at a slower pace than girls.  This often leads to frustration in the classroom as some boys are viewed as trouble makers because they had no interest in the academic subject matter.

Including fun books and ebooks for boys (and girls) to read, such as a fire truck book, may help generate more interest in reading from young boys.  However it is done, it is imperative to foster a love of reading among boys and girls at a young age.  Studies have shown that children who enjoy reading do much better in school than those children who are discouraged by their own lack of interest in reading or by the social pressure they feel for not excelling in school.

And of course, turning off the tv, mobile phone, computer, and video game console and providing a quiet, relax environment at home will enhance the chances of a child, boy or girl, falling in love with reading.  Fire truck books for boys are just one of many tools available to help kids love to read.


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