Fire Truck Books For Older Kids

Fire Truck Books For Older Kids (and adults!)


A lot of what I’ve written here has been about children picture books and fire truck books in particular.  I’ve mainly been writing about books for the 2-6 age range, but there are, of course, books for older children.  Older children have a wide variety of book types available, including fire truck books.


When I talk about older children, I mean kids aged 6-10.  For children this age, there are numerous fire truck books that are available for them.  Here is an incomplete list of fire truck book for older children:


Fight Fire: Trucks Tools and Tactics by Larry Shapiro – Geared toward older children and adults.  Full of high-quality detailed pictures


Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers by Walter McCall – Great fire truck book full of pictures and detailed information on all types of fire trucks, old and new.  Recommended for older children and adults.


Fire Trucks of the 1950’s by Walter McCall – Another fire truck book by the same author.  It is limited to the 1950’s, but the diversity of design and function of fire trucks at this time is amazing


American Fire Apparatus – Vol. 1 Pumpers by Wayne Mutza – Lots of pictures and descriptions of pumper fire trucks.  TONS of pictures.


Ford Fire Trucks by Kent Parrish – Brand-specific books loaded with pictures of Ford fire trucks, from the earliest production to modern times.


Heavy Rescue Trucks 1931-2000: Photo Gallery by Paul Barrett – As the subtitle implies, this book is full of photographs of a wide range of rescue trucks, not just fire trucks.  Very interesting to see how the trucks change over almost 70 years.


Aerial Fire Trucks by Larry Shapiro – As of the writing of this post, this book is only available as a used book from some Amazon sellers.  This fire truck book is full of wide-angle photographs showing the amazing heights and lengths that some fire apparatus can go to.


There are other fire truck books for older children, of course, but these are some neat ones I’ve come across.  And, truth be told, I am a fan of each of these books.  The emphasis on fire truck history and on the historical photos in each of these books is what makes them attractive to me.  Maybe I’m just a big kid at heart! J


Of course, the Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck series is not geared toward older kids, just like Thomas the Train and other characters are geared toward younger kids.  But for readers of this site and for folks who enjoy fire truck books even as adults, this partial list should point you in the right direction.

And of course, for the children ages 2-6, the Mac The Fire Truck books, which are profusely illustrated, will provide hours of reading enjoyment!  And perhaps even a few adults will be entertained as they read the crazy antics and adventures of Mac The Fire Truck.


For those readers interested in the listed fire truck books, they are all available from Amazon as the time of this post.  They were also all rated highly based on Amazon customer reviews.  I think each of these fire truck books is available only in print, not as a Kindle fire truck book.  I may eventually offer links to each of the books, but for now, I will just post the list.



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