Children’s eBooks in formats other than Kindle?

Other formats for children’s ebooks


I’m an Amazon guy.  Whether it’s for gardening supplies, digital cameras, or children’s fire truck ebooks, my family and I use Amazon.  For that reason, and because we own at least one Kindle Fire (at the time of this writing) and we use Amazon for almost everything.  That free shipping for orders over $25 is just too tempting!


For this reason, each Mac The Fire Truck book is available only in Kindle format at this time.  But what about the millions of Ipod, iPhone, and iPad users who purchase content for their children from iTunes?  Yes, there is a Kindle app, but what about creating ebooks that are available for purchase directly from Apple?


Amazon offers authors an easy-to-use platform, and with a little programming, children’s books look great on Kindle and are accessible to millions of Kindle owners.  As an author, I would love to reach the people who order ebooks for Apple devices.  For this reason, I will be releasing each Mac The Fire Truck book in the .epub format on Apple iTunes.


These ebooks will be formatted for view on the iPad.  The illustrations will be brilliant and the ebooks will be easily read on any iPod.


The only downside to this is that the Mac The Fire Truck books on Amazon’s will no longer be available for free.  Due to Amazon’s terms of service, if I make the ebooks available anywhere other than Amazon, they will no longer be part of Kindle’s free book borrowing program.


So what do you think?  Is it a good idea to expand the fire truck ebooks to the Apple market and loose the benefits of exclusivity with Amazon?  Or should I stay exclusively with Amazon for the ebooks?  I would appreciate feedback from customers and readers on this question.  Thanks!


At some point in the future, the Mac The Fire Truck ebooks will be available on this website for purchase in all formats.  At least for now, though, I want my customers to be able to use the large ebook etailers (mainly Amazon).


In slightly unrelated news, Loved Again, a book I wrote from a teddy bear’s perspective, will be free as a Kindle ebook November 9th-11th, 2012.  This book is brilliantly illustrated with watercolor paintings that are amazing on the Kindle Fire (if I do say so myself!).  It is probably not as exciting as a talking fire truck racing to a fire, but it is a true story told from a stuffed bear’s perspective.  This is the first book that I have written with watercolor illustrations.  This is not a fire truck book, but I thought I would mention it anyway.  It is based on my son’s reaction to seeing my childhood teddy bear that I had told him about.  He had just turned three at the time, and his reaction was really hilarious!  And that bear is now part of his stuffed animal collection!


That is it for now….I appreciate each of you who read this from whatever corner of the world that you come from.  Happy reading!


– Trey Watson


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