Mac The Fire Truck Video

Mac The Fire Truck video!

Happy summer reading days!  I never did get a chance to post this here, so I thought I would….

First, thanks for making the Mac The Fire Truck and The Field Fire (The Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck) giveaway a success!  We rocked it out and got tons of downloads (I’m prevented by Amazon’s terms of service to say exactly how many).  Prior to the release of this book, I worked with a great freelance video maker (from Chile!) to develop a sort of book trailer for latest Mac The Fire Truck book.  Now with over 30,000 views, I figured I better share it with readers of this blog.  So without adieu, here is the first ever Mac The Fire Truck video, in all its 31 second glory:

For what its worth, my kids love it.  And apparently 30,000 or so people thought it was decent enough to watch 🙂

That’s it for now!  I am currently finalizing the print edition of the latest fire truck book, so I will post that here when it is complete.

In unrelated news, my latest gardening book Southern Bounty: How to Grow and Enjoy Southeastern Native Fruits and Nutswill be free as a Kindle download starting tomorrow.  So if you live in the southeastern U.S. and are a gardener, feel free to check that out.


Until next time, peace!


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