The Fun of Fire Truck Books!

Fire Truck Books are fun!

Fire truck books are part of childhood.  From the picture books full of fun, real-life images, to cartoon fire truck characters, fire trucks books are loved by children of all ages.  One of the most enjoyable parts of childhood is watching fire trucks in parades, either in large cities or small towns.

Children, and many adults, are drawn to fire trucks for their large size, bright flashing lights, blaring sirens, and the bravery they evoke.  My son is one of those children, and truth be told, I am one of those adults.  Since he was not yet two years old, my son has been fascinated by those big red (or white or yellow) vehicles.  To this day, my now four year old son is fascinated by fire engines.  Not too long ago, the volunteer fire department in the rural area where we live was selling an older fire engine.  He wanted us to buy it so bad, but besides playing with it, we had not use for it.

When my son began to have an interest in fire trucks, we searched for fun fire truck books that would keep his interest, to no avail.  At this time my wife and I also began telling him oral stories so that his imagination would be active instead of his fingertips on mobile devices.  He loved (and still loves) fire trucks, so I started telling him stories of a heroic truck named Mac The Fire Truck.  I told him dozens of stories and about the fire truck and his side kick Pudgy.

After a while, I decided that having a visual representation of what Mac The Fire Truck looked like would be a good idea.  Working with a local artist, I devised an initial image of what Mac would look like.  At this point it was logical to move into writing books about Mac The Fire Truck.

My first Mac The Fire Truck book was released in early 2012.  So far this year, 5 titles have been released, with more planned.  The Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck are available as ebooks on Kindle and as print books on  My son has enjoyed the books and so have thousands of other children across America and Europe.  The premise is simple and I try to keep the writing simple, though I do enjoy throwing in bigger words to help improve a youngster’s vocabulary.  The images tell the story and the words are rhyming and fun.  The books are great for parents to read aloud to children!

Fire truck books, including this series, are a great way to introduce a child to the heroism and bravery of being a firefighter.  Besides that, reading books about fire trucks, especially talking ones, is fun!  They are also a great way to engage young minds with stories rather than mind-numbing handheld devices!  And who knows?  A fire truck book might even put a spark into a child’s heart that will lead them to becoming a firefighting hero as an adult!


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