Why I Publish Children’s Fire Truck Books Digitally (and in print)

Why I Publish Children’s Fire Truck Books Digitally (and in print)

The Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck series is published as in the Kindle ebook format and as traditional print books.  So why publish children’s picture books as ebooks?  Why not just stick with the tried and true print book?


Children need books; not just fire truck books, but all types of books.  Books help expand young minds, spark creativity, and build vocabulary.  Increasing numbers of children use mobile devices.  There are numerous schools of thought on this phenomenon, but the fact remains that it is occurring.  If children are increasingly using the tablet computers and smart phones, then those of us who write literature for children should pay attention.  Instead of mind-numbing games, why not have a children’s picture book, such as a fire truck book, on the tablet or smart phone?


There are many advantages of this.  New technology means that children have access to amazing educational tools in the palm of their hands.  This technology means that ebooks written for children can be enhanced to bring great benefits to little minds. 


Childhood learning can be advanced with these tools.  In truth, it has never been easier to get a children’s picture book into the hands of little one.  Ebooks, in combination with mobile tablets and smart phones, allow writers and publishers provide a product that children want, while at the same time providing language and educational benefits.  Fire truck books, including this series, are just part of the many options available to parents. 


Call me a traditionalist, but I think there will always be space in the marketplace for print children’s books.  My son still enjoys print books, and always will.  But the ability to take many fire truck books (or whatever type of book) on a Kindle or other mobile device offers amazing convenience for parents and children alike.  Instead of carrying a bag of books to a doctor’s office or on a plane flight, a single tablet can contain all the books and information needed to entertain young minds. 


In short, the Mac The Fire Truck Series is published on Kindle (and soon, on Nook) because people have busy lives and the convenience of having books in electronic form makes transporting them anywhere so convenient.  This fire truck book series is also published in traditional print form because there is also room for a paper book, and because my son loves to read the paper books before he goes to sleep.


Technology will always change, but quality writing, fun stories, and great illustrations will always be the goal of books for children.  So whether you want a digital copy of a book in the Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck series or a print copy, I have made sure those are available to you!


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