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Mac The Fire Truck Video

Mac The Fire Truck video! Happy summer reading days!  I never did get a chance to post this here, so I thought I would…. First, thanks for making the Mac The Fire Truck and The Field Fire (The Adventures of Mac The Fire Truck) giveaway a success!  We rocked it out and got tons of downloads … Continue reading

What children learn from fire truck books

What Children Learn From Picture Books Picture books, including fire truck books, are extremely important in the literary development of children.  These books engage young minds with new words, ideas, and pictures that help to expand vocabulary and encourage creativity.  Picture books, with fire trucks or any other characters, are especially important because they help … Continue reading

The Fun of Fire Truck Books!

Fire Truck Books are fun! Fire truck books are part of childhood.  From the picture books full of fun, real-life images, to cartoon fire truck characters, fire trucks books are loved by children of all ages.  One of the most enjoyable parts of childhood is watching fire trucks in parades, either in large cities or … Continue reading